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By 31st August 2012 May 16th, 2016 News

BrandSeers has been chosen to work on the re-branding of The ‘Elim Sende’ Charity Association.

Elim Sende aims to develop underprivileged children psychologically, socially and artistically through the transformative qualities of art. They are driven by the belief that art and artistic activities can positively influence personal development.

Founded in 2010 and based in Beyoğlu, the charity prides itself on how it helps less fortunate children to believe in themselves. Listening to the teachers at our kick-off meeting passionately talk of their work was not only humbling but truly inspiring. As they spoke of how these young, introspective children, often lacking confidence, flourish into successful, confident individuals who are able to understand their own needs, take initiative and demonstrate tolerance towards their community made us realize just how powerful the imagination can be and how very important it is to have the freedom to explore and express it.

We are simply thrilled to be working with a charity that shares our passion for:

Children – the future generation,
A progressive attitude to learning and development,
The belief in the subconscious power of art!
Watch the space for news… and words for your support in the near future!

To support Elimsende Charity Association:


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