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Relaunching Kliksa to Drive Service into the Heart of E-commerce, part of Sabancı Holding, one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates, was an 18th-month-old, new e-commerce business when it approached us. Having experienced exponential growth since launch, Kliksa wanted to take a step back and establish its future vision for growth and investment. Kliksa’s aim was to evolve into one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce platforms but wasn’t sure the current brand would get them there. Throughout the launch period, Kliksa had leveraged a price-focused brand proposition using a crow icon as a mascot for the brand . However, they no longer felt it was relevance and had appeal.

We were asked to create a new positioning, value proposition and design expression that would carry the brand forward in line with its growth plans.

Before the design could be addressed, the brand needed to be defined. Key questions asked by Kliksa and Sabancı’s Executive Retail Board of Directors:

a) Where should Kliksa’s future growth come from?

b) How will the brand differentiate?

c) What is the value proposition that will carry Kliksa into the future?

d) How should the relationship with Sabancı be expressed?

Our process involved detailed data analytics into active and non-active buyer behaviour and usage across the site, an audit of global and local Turkish market and competitor trends, best practice buyer experiences and a workshop with the Kliksa team to illicit the aspirations and ambitions of the broader team.

This work culminated in defining audience segmentation, brand positioning, a value proposition, Sabancı brand hierarchy, a product innovation roadmap and a creative strategy for the design experience.

Insights showed that customer loyalty hinged on a seamless experience ‘post transaction’ and that an honest, committed approach to customer service could build the longer-term customer relationship needed for business growth. ‘Dedicated to delight’ became the driving essence of the brand both on the inside as a culture, and externally across brand expression. The new identity system reflects the positive, optimistic, service-minded dedication to bring a smile to each and every customer, as well as a functional simplicity that cuts through a category crowded with excess messaging. The dot icon in the brand was introduced to punctuate the activation sentiment in the name ‘klik’ and to act as a full stop – ‘Kliksa nokta’, the last word in online retail.

Throughout the design development process we worked closely with the Sabancı Corporate Retail Board to align the new logo with corporate guidelines whilst pushing boundaries where possible.


  • The new brand was launched in March 2014

  • 2013- 120 million TL Turnover

  • 2014- 250 million TL Turnover

  • 2015- 400 million TL (to be confirmed) Turnover

  • 2014 industry growth was 25%, whilst Kliksa grew %80

  • Visitor numbers increase from 300,000 in 2013 to 4.5 million at the end of 2014.

  • 2015 visitors increased to 8.5

“BrandSeers understand how to improve business performance through brand-led transformation. Throughout the entire Kliksa rebranding process they were driven to make us a better company inside and out, arranging us to better connect with and learn from our customers. BrandSeers consultancy essentially filled the gap between an advertising agency and management consultants. More rigorous process and broader brand approach than an advertising agency and more consumer, marketing, brand insights driven than management consultants – they offer the perfect combination.

Their ability to define the true problem, analyse the market, understand the consumers to come up with the brand positioning opportunity and carry it through to design expression was highly impressive. Their strategic and design talent are not only incredibly professional, but a delight to work with.”

Nevgül Bilsel Safkan
General Manager, Kliksa