Our Little Book of Inspirations – 2012

By 24th December 2012 May 17th, 2016 News

As we enter the holiday season, it is an opportunity for people to sit back from the daily grind and reflect on the year past and how they could do things better. It is a time for expansive thoughts, and not just about expanding waist lines (an inevitability that personally awaits me as I head my way to a Christmas day rich in all the trimmings with my culinary endowed friends).

As one year ends and another begins (a year that rings rather Star Trekish to the ear) we try and digest, consider the highs and lows, of what was and could be in the year ahead. Search for inspirations to guide us on our discoveries. In light of this we thought it appropriate to pull together a book of our very own inspirations of the year past (plus we keep hearing how much you love the inspirations section of on our website).

We have had a year filled with fun, perseverance and with the belief that things can and should be done differently. Ideas, bold and free, are the key to a better reality. We hope our book helps you on your journey to explore new opportunities and progress to new heights … sometimes the simplest of improvements, enhancement can lead to the greatest of breakthroughs – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel just know your audience and connect with them.

Happy pondering! We look forward to an inspirational 2013!


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