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The Transformative Power of Art to Develop Children

Elim Sende is a charity that aims to develop underprivileged children psychologically, socially and artistically through the transformative qualities of art. Driven by the belief that art and artistic activities can positively influence personal development, it was founded in 2010 and relies on individual donations for funding. In an attempt to establish a more sustainable income model the charity came to us with the decision to establish alternative income channels to help grow their organisation and thereby the number of children they can serve. Specifically, to develop a repositioning for the brand that that will enable the organisation to sell ‘paid for’ classes on the weekend, the revenue from which will be used to fund the charity work of the organization. In order to attract this new audience the charity identified the need to better tell its story in a compelling way; to better communicate and demonstrate its value to all audiences through all of its brand touch points.

Through an in-depth market analysis into non-profit and for-profit organisations and client workshops we determined that their single most important contribution is the positive impact they make on children’s lives – their behaviours, attitudes and personal relationships.

The new brand story is told through a dynamic visual identity system that can be effectively expressed through various touchpoints like the teaching environment, merchandise, website, promotional advertising and digital communications.

Creativity is a powerful tool that can transform a person’s life, empower children to express themselves and create an impact in the society. The design idea visualises creative energy through a colourful line that morphs into different forms in the hands of the children. The colour palette is made up of vibrant gradients that gives life to the drawings. All the images of the hands used in the brand are from real students of the initiative.