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Driving Internal Engagement Around New Leadership Model

Throughout most of its history, Avon has enjoyed a strong position as market leader in Turkey, until 2011 when, for the first time, its growth was being challenged. A number of disruptive methods were enacted and a major turnaround resulted. While these methods were extremely successful in the short term, other plans were needed in order to ensure that a sustainable, long-term model was in place to support the continued growth and competitive position in the Turkish market. Avon’s culture needed to evolve into one that is agile and proactive, while retaining the qualities and values that have made it successful over its 125-year legacy.

To achieve this, a new leadership model was designed which needed to be rolled out effectively across the organisation. Our role was to create a high-impact, cost-effective plan to launch Avon’s new leadership model in Turkey, the first market worldwide to implement the model. We created a communications campaign (position, verbal tone of voice and visual language) that was used across communications and activities to introduce and embed the model within the organisation locally in Turkey.

To determine the message content and channel strategy we conducted one-on-one in-depth interviews and ethnographic research across a broad cross-section of employees. Our research highlighted that the brand values were deeply internalised; however, what was needed was more initiative taking and a greater sense of responsibility over actions taken. Building on the leadership pillar of courage, we wanted the employees to inspire new ideas and motivate their colleagues with new possibilities.

‘The Navigation to a Brighter Future’ Campaign was built on the principle that each and everyone must guide themselves and their fellow employees to success; a leader is only as successful as her team. The compass was created as the metaphor for this story.

One of the major obstacles to the adoption of ANY kind of change is fear and uncertainty of the unknown. With this concept, not only did we emphasize that there was a way forward, but that Avon will help to provide the tools and support needed to do so.


The leadership model was well received across various employee segments and the desired adoption of the internal leadership model was achieved.

” We worked on Avon’s new Leadership Model launch with BrandSeers. I strongly believe we identified a strong positioning. The strategically-conceived and creatively-executed identity and communication tactics assisted in creating long lasting impact. The ethnographic research conducted by BrandSeers allowed them to craft messages and tactics targeted to our employees helping them internalize the new brand values. So far we have conducted many initiatives to promote the new leadership model based on BrandSeers’s recommendations. Since our effective launch we have been seeing great positive change in our brand culture.”

Nilay Birgören
HR Manager, Avon Turkey