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Positioning LPG as the ‘Fuel of the Future’

Aygaz Otogaz is the market leader in LPG Autogas in Turkey. With 4 out of 10 cars on the road an LPG-fitted car, Turkey is the world’s 2nd largest LPG Autogas market. In 2013, Aygaz Otogaz launched a marketing campaign to establish LPG as the “Fuel of the Future”. To support this initiative, Aygaz wanted us to develop an emotionally engaging brand initiative idea that would drive reappraisal of the fuel amongst a broader, more discerned audience.

After a highly rigorous in-depth analysis into the global and local energy industry, consumer attitudes, behaviours, perceptions of LPG and the impact of fuel on the environment, together with our digital interactive design partners FourbyNorth, we realized that the conversation around LPG was misplaced. What was not being understood and valued by LPG users and non-users was that LPG is the most environmentally friendly of all fuels. However, the challenge was that not many cared about the implication of climate change in the way that they should.

Our solution was to create a digital platform that would disrupt this conversation around the LPG market, diverting it from being one about hygiene factors like savings and safety, to one about the benefits of LPG on our environment, economy and health. Our ambition was to present hard-hitting facts in an engaging format to empower individuals to see for themselves that LPG is the fuel of the future.

To drive a sense of urgency around climate change, a challenge in the Turkish market, we created content that built understanding of how bad environmental practice on the one hand has a detrimental effect on economic wealth on the other hand, the well-being of you and your community, and how taking action to convert to LPG can help.

To bring this initiative to life, we decided to adopt a balance of factual, emotional and interactive storytelling through a digital environment.

Collaborating with our digital interactive design partners, FourbyNorth, and film production team, Write This Down, we focused on designing informative yet easily digestible content, a unique platform corporate identity, a dynamic and interactive web site and a film with deep emotional impact.

Working with a client as courageous as Aygaz enabled us not only to create a debate around issues rarely touched by fuel brand owners, it also gave us the possibility to put drivers in a position of power, to take real action.


  • #geleceyolal was trending 4th globally in Twitter

  • The video achieved almost half a million views

  • A 24-day road show through I1 regions promoting the site reached 500,000 people

  • News coverage of the launch covered by leading publications such as Milliyet, Hürriyet, Sözcü, Youtube, Facebook, İzlesene, Ekşisözlük, to name but a few

  • The percentage of AB social demographic users increased by 30%, as did the perception around the importance and significance of climate change (see below), and the number of consumers considering LPG as a fuel choice

“The BrandSeers team are meticulous project managers, and the respect they have for what they do shines through in their work. We believe they are an exemplary consultancy who have a heightened sense and desire to elevate the brand they touch. We hold them as the benchmark for brand design consultancy services.”

Burcu Cihan Işık
Former Marketing Manager, Aygaz Otogaz