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2016- 2017

Branding Biokim, A Tukek Holding (Turkey) and GI Dynamics (Netherland) Initiative.

When Tükek Holding – the largest artificial leather producer in Turkey and the largest suede producer in the world – approached us with a vision to build the first bio-refinery in the world, it faced immense challenge. Their new bio-refinery company Biokim needed to differentiate amongst a multitude of players vying for a piece of the bio-economy, and to prove itself as feasible amongst a long list of failing bio-entrepreneurs and utopic bio-economy case studies.

Thus building a clear, simple, believable, compelling, credible, future proof brand strategy, design system and brand experience that would create the brand value required to protect brand reputation and minimize business risk was of upmost importance.

BrandSeers applied its global expertise and local understanding to ensure we created the global beacon brand required to drive this challenging, pioneering project and support Biokim in receiving the necessary funding to build the worlds first bio-refinery.

Sustainability for everyone

In close collaboration with Biokim and their partners GI Dynamics, based in Amsterdam/Holland, and the BrandSeers team developed a unique brand vision – Sustainability for Everyone.

Our research had showed that businesses all over the world were under immense pressure from consumers to deliver more sustainable products, however sustainability was still treated as a prestigious business approach with price premiums. This was due to the cost burden of deploying renewable resources into the value chain, coupled with the pressure to cut costs while delivering on shareholder value and sales targets.

Yet Biokim had the ability to change this market paradigm, to accelerate the transition to a bio-based, more sustainable economy by enabling bio chemical production through improved price feasibility and supply chain integration.

The conclusion was to hero Biokim’s true differentiating ability – the power to commercialize bio-chemicals thus mainstreaming sustainability to protect our planets resources, making sustainability a reality for everyone.

Close the loop

Simply put, by creating an alternative value chain that is controllable and infite Biokim makes sustainability viable, enabling and empowering industries to achieve their sustainability and CSR goals to protect the planets resources. We brought this premise to life in the brand logo and brand identity elements by symbolizing Biokim’s added value as the missing link in a new closed loop. The design system is an approachable, emotional and optimistic depiction of true sustainable business practice necessary for the Earth’s future.

Biokim Live Conference Stand

Launch at World Bio Markets, Amsterdam

Biokim successfully launched its innovative business model and brand at the World Bio Markets Conference in Amsterdam on March 24th 2017.

In addition to the brand strategy concept and brand identity development Brandseers designed the corporate identity and communication collateral to support the brand launch such as; the website, business cards, leaflets, roll-ups, stickers etc.

At the Launch Rafet Tükek, Chairman of the Executive Board of Biokim shared “We have developed an innovative business model that disrupts todays conventional fossil based value chain, accelerating the transition to a bio-based, circular and thus more sustainable economy.”

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