Motion Graphics Project for Make A Wish Turkey
Motion Graphics

Sustaining Donations to Make a Wish Come True

Since their beginnings in Turkey, Make-a-Wish Turkey has successfully fulfilled its mission of granting the wishes of 3 to18 year-old children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich their lives with hope, strength and joy. Despite the dedicated and tremendous support of its sponsors, the charity was in the need of more consistent income in order to deal with the increasing demand of wishes. The charity identified the need for more support from the general public in the form of small, but regular donations.

To compliment the growing social media presence of the brand, we developed a viral tactical campaign film to demonstrate to the public that every little penny counts; i.e. that half a lira is all it takes to make a wish come true. Based on a children’s tale, the story is told through a child’s eyes—a deliberate attempt to put the imagination of a child at the heart of the tale.


The film has had an uplift on the number of regular donors and helped drive further social media activity and engagement, particularly on Facebook.