British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Logo
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Renewing a 128-year-old corporate identity

Established in 1887, The British Chamber of Commerce Turkey (BCCT) decided to renew its 128-year-old corporate identity, in order to reflect its recent successful strategic partnership with the UK Trade and Investment.

As a result of this collaboration the BCCT started to expand its services to provide a range of business services to UK companies interested in the Turkish market and wanted the brand identity to reflect this new dynamic and innovative spirit of the Chamber.

The main challenge we faced was to reflect this new spirit whilst also accentuating the Chamber’s professionalism and prestigious heritage. The new logo and design system is born out of the new essence of the Chamber as the ‘Initiator’, the foremost matchmaker between British businesses and Turkey. The icon stems from the idea of a spark, a dynamic form that holds kinetic energy symbolising the initiation of business connections and relationships. The arrows pointing inwards is also a reflection of the Chamber’s role as a meeting point for businesses looking for success and growth.

British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Logo
British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Logo
British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Logo
British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Logo

“BrandSeers’ professional approach to our brief, which they constructively challenged, and the analysis of both our history and function demonstrated a clear understanding of the message and image we wanted to portray. They merged creative strategy and and design into the successful design of the new logo, which proudly represents BCCT.”

Chris Gaunt
Chairman, BCCT