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Rebranding Efes Malt to Drive Deeper Emotive Connection

Anadolu Efes is the leader of the Turkish beer industry and the world’s 10th largest beer producer.

We worked with the Efes Malt team during the re-launch of the Efes Malt. Our brief was to strengthen the on-pack story whilst remaining true to the original brand positioning and product packaging.

As consultants, we were tasked to drive Efes Malt’s existing brand growth further by creating a clear, distinctive, compelling visual and verbal brand story to build a deeper emotive involvement amongst the Pleasure Cruisers segment.

Having conducted factory visits, analysed consumer behaviour data, surveyed the competitive landscape and identified future consumer trends within the alchohol market, we established two potential brand concept routes which leveraged the customer’s motivational drivers of taste, expertise and naturalness and the need to be effortlessly cool.

In line with the chosen concept, we developed a creative strategy around the idea of ‘Malting Moments’ to create a holistic brand experience across all touch-points: on and off pack verbal and visual identity system, packaging design, dark market ‘brand experience’ and innovation design.


Packaging design routes were tested in consumer focus groups and a winning route was selected. However, during the course of the project, market dynamics rapidly changed with increased competitive pressure and it was decided to align the valuable ‘Malt’ benefit more directly with the master Efes brand offering in order to revive performance.