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Driving Engagement and Motivation Around New Company Values

As part of our role as consultants on the bank’s ‘Change Management Programme’ (see ‘Transformative Change Management Case Study) we were deployed to develop an internal communications strategy and campaign idea that would drive awareness, build understanding, engage and motivate employees around the new company values.

We were aware that words used in internal communications were increasingly failing to ‘cut through’ and have the impact they needed. As a solution, we wanted our communication platform to create a distinctive visual vernacular, one that would stand out and connect with all employees emotionally. A series of visual bird icons in specific environments were created to depict each of the new brand values. These icons were used on screen savers, environments and various other communication touch-points, covering print and motion. The consistent use of these icons helped reinforce the values across the daily working lives of all employees.

Another part of the internal engagement campaign to inform, engage and motivate employees around the bank’s new direction involved our motion graphics team produce an 8-minute animation film that allows the CEO to tell the story through ‘live’ hand drawn pictures. The animation, the first internal communications film of its kind, was launched at a ‘Change Management Launch’ event and broadcast across the internal bank-wide open conferencing system, enabling each branch staff member to watch live from the comfort of their desk.


Our internal communications film was awarded the International Honorary Stevies Award for ‘Best Motivational Video’ in 2011.