Change Management
Employee Engagement

A Grassroutes approach to Change Management

As one of the 5th largest private banks in Turkey, Finansbank identified the need to better serve its customers in the face of an increasingly demanding consumer landscape and growing competition. As part of the effort to reach their goal, Finansbank identified a new brand vision and mission that put an increased focus on consumer needs across the business. What followed was the need to develop a cohesive strategy to align culture, operations and communications with the new vision of becoming the ‘enabling bank’.

Working in close partnership with our interaction design partner FourByNorth and meeting regularly with a CEO committee established for the project, we set out to create a cultural sea of change across the organisation. Through conducting extensive face-to-face customer and employee interviews, we were able to identify key service, product, operational and communication changes that were necessary at the bank in order to achieve the new aspiration. Based on our recommended change management strategy we developed an ‘Employee Engagement Roadmap’ outlining 7 categories of projects across the areas of service, product, communications and operations, that would help manage employee behaviours, understanding, attitudes and effectively allocate the necessary resources to achieve this.


The project is a real case of how the appointment of a new CEO, a new company vision, mission, values and value proposition involving 12,500 employees can lead to a changed culture.

An outstanding 80% of the recommended projects were deployed by the bank, which formed the pillars of the five-year plan for change management. Following this we were appointed to work on over 10 change management programme related projects, which included developing a customer charter for the bank, a bespoke branch level training programme, supporting coaches and trainers, design of a 12-month training programme for 12,500 employees and a plan to deploy change initiatives within the organisation through change ambassadors.

The programme was awarded an Excellence in Practice Citation award from ASTD, The American Society for Training & Development.

Our bespoke training programme delivered the highest ROI compared to all training programmes carried out up until that date.