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Bringing a Brand Story Alive through the Power of Scent

As an initiative of our BrandSeers Ventures division, we collaborated with the UK’s renowned perfumer, Azzi Glasser to design and produce a new home candle collection for Haremlique. The intention was to create a collection that expressed the strong brand essence of Haremlique through the world of scent.

Haremlique specialises in the production of high quality linen products and takes inspiration from the themes used in Ottoman designs. The designs are a combination of timeless style and elegant simplicity. The design concept for our candles were inspired by the storytelling around these unique fabric designs that so iconically stand for the Haremlique textile collection as well as the rich ingredients of Turkey.

The collection holds 3 candles;

Grand Bazaar: An exquisite fragrance that captures the unique spirit and romantic heritage of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Enriched with handpicked ingredients of exotic Spices, Amber Bead Resins, Star Anise and Nutmeg, it takes you on an intoxicating journey through the magnetic notes of Vetiver and Moss infused with precious Woods of Cedar, Guaiac wood and Black Oudh.

Royal Tea is inspired by the secret gardens of the Harem and how the air was redolent with the scent of High Tea. This rather addictive fragrance was orchestrated with notes of Lotus Tea, Bergamot Oils, White Tea and alluring Lapsang to encapsulate the magnificent essence of High Tea.

Rose Delight intends to capture the beauty of a Rose in its garden – the epitome of paradise. The fragrance character of the true Turkish Rose has been extracted and distilled to give its full heart to this palatial scent.

As BrandSeers Ventures, we were responsible for the concept, scent creation, packaging design, candle production in the UK and their shipping to Turkey , all in collaboration with Azzi Glasser.


The product has just been launched so it is early days to report on results.