B2C Brand Strategy
Packaging Design
Condiments, Dressing, Sauces 

Increase Global Relevancy and Appeal

Euro Gıda produces and packages products ranging from jarred pickles to vegetables and gourmet sauces for numerous leading Turkish and global food retailers. Since 2007, Euro Gıda has invested in growing their own brand Melis, now sold across 4 continents and 18 countries, distributed across retail and food service.

The problem Melis was facing was that while Turkish expats abroad (e.g. UK, Germany, France) preferred Melis, the brand was struggling to sell to local nationals. BrandSeers was tasked with re-launching Melis with a new proposition, jar and label design that would increase global relevancy and appeal without alienating their loyal consumers. The vision was to relaunch the brand to drive distribution by penetration new multiple retailers and  independent markets in the UK, Germany,  France and Italy.

Simple living, Quality living 

Following BrandSeers meticulous research; such as store visits, factory visits, trend analysis, competitive and brand audit, country coding analysis and quantitative and qualitative research done in collaboration with IPSOS and GFK in Turkey, Germany and the UK – the opportunity was clear. Melis products needed to transport people to a simpler world, where life was easier, slower and overall better. Authenticity, naturalness and quality of purity were the key motivational drivers.

Own the Name – Melis

Vegetables and tastes from the Aegean/Mediterranean as pure as the Melis farmer girl who originally picked the produce on the farm of Melis was the foundation of the design idea. By incorporating the Melis girl illustration into the pack design we would also be building meaning into the brand name. Melis – A girls name in Turkish was not resonating with the global audience. Now the fictional story of the Melis girl holds light to the brand, reminding them to nurture and protect the heart of who they are, a family of pickle loving perfectionists.

Natural Pure Perfection 

We decided to protect the brand color orange and the Melis logo which had become synonymous with the Melis brand. The newly iconic Melis girl illustration in the circular seal, conveys the brands naturalness, purity, authenticity and quality. The addition of design elements such as the wood texture, its contrast with orange, the lid design supported the new positioning territory – passion for pure natural perfection.

An inspiring yet functional packaging system

BrandSeers transformed the approved design concept into a packaging design system that was applicable to multiple formats (glass jars; 190, 370, 750, 1700, 2650 ml, can 100, 2900, 300) and multiple SKU’s (150 SKU’s). The system needed to be functional and easy to execute, yet differentiating and recognizable on shelf. All the while tackling the challenge of incorporating the immense amount of legal information and 5 different languages. BrandSeers was responsible of creating this system and applying it to the Melis’ 150 SKU portfolio and delivering finalized print files.

Further collaboration

During the finalization of the packaging executions Melis decided to continue their collaboration with BrandSeers to develop the 360 Communications Launch Campaign which would launch the re-brand across multiple markets. Read our next case study for information on the Communications Campaign.