Trend Analysis

Tailored Trend Presentation on the Future of the Restaurant Industry

Following the industry’s positive response to our Food and Drink Futures Forum held in partnership with The Future Laboratory in October 2015, we were asked by Coca Cola & TURYID to carry out a tailored analysis of our findings specifically for the HORECA (hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes) market.

Under the sponsorship of Coca-Cola, hosted by TURYİD (Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association) we presented a tailored workshop on the future of the restaurant industry to the sector’s leading business owners. Attendees included Gamze Cizreli, Mehmet Gürs, Vedat Bayrak.

If you would also like a rich version of the Food and Drink Forum, specifically designed for your own brand and category, and if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to ask The Future Laboratory and BrandSeers team questions about your own business, please contact Ceren Eremsoy at or call +90 212 251 0250 for more information.

“Working with such a visionary, professional and pleasurable team such as BrandSeers was extremely valuable. In today’s globalised world, they are a company that understands the changing dynamics of consumers channels and are a valuable player when working on adapting to this change.”

Alper Güleçoğlu
Area Sales Manager, Coca Cola Bottling