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Applying Design to Amplify the Travel Experience, founded in 2004 owned by MetGlobal, a team of travel, marketing and IT experts with over 15 years of global travel and tourism experience, is one of the top providers of discounted hotel bookings on the internet. has the intention of becoming a one-stop-shop for seeking the lowest hotel rates, for their customers to book with confidence in the knowledge that the offered prices are unbeatable. As part of our Metglobal group portfolio strategy work, was identified to be lacking in the personality it needed to connect to users emotionally.

Analysis showed that this was partly due to a brand positioning led by a strong price benefit – a homogeneous territory that was failing to differentiate the brand.

The business had a strong collective intelligence that enabled it to monitor and analyse customer behavior in order to predict and serve them with the right products at the right time.

Our brand strategy looked at moving the brand away from a pure price orientated approach, to one that adds ‘value to your travel experience’. This led to a new positioning for the brand as the ‘trusted travel assistant’, that delivers travelers, whether for business or for pleasure, a world class and seamless value driven choice of travel experiences.

The design idea ‘Amplifying the travel experience’ looked to modernise the identity, to bring dynamism and to insert a stronger sense of ‘service’ into the brand.

We know that today’s consumer wants the best value for their money, demanding the brands to offer a premium service with affordable prices. We have chosen the aspects of this identity carefully to craft a feeling of aspiration, warm hospitality and value for money.

Ruby red is the main colour of the brand. It represents the warm hospitality. In addition we applied dark blue to induce aspiration and communicate a trustworthy, reliable service. The font choice and icons make the brand more approachable and contemporary.