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Paytrek, owned by Metglobal, is an Istanbul based, global full stack payment solution designed to enable future trade and sustainable business growth.

We were tasked with developing and launching the brand; brand strategy, corporate identity design system, creating and implementing brand activation work across print, website, the 3D environment and film.

As Paytrek works within and optimizes a global marketplace, we needed a universal icon; A visual language system that could be recognized instantly by all.

Paytrek’s design idea stems from the Babelfish, the universal language translator in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Just like the Babelfish, Paytrek aims to make difficult systems easy to navigate. This aim is communicated through its accessible communications, friendly tone of voice, straightforward interfaces, approachable colours and use of typography.

The icon sitting at the heart of Paytrek’s visual identity is homage to the humble enter key, a universally recognised symbol of activation. The global and local presence of the business makes complex systems easy to navigate, all at the press of a button. The animation and interactivity incorporated into the brand is used to explain and showcase features rather than being a visual effect to impress.

A large part of our activation work involved the design and development of the company website, which we undertook with our digital partners, FourbyNorth.

The site’s role was to drive brand value and global expansion in the short term, as well as increasing transactional volume, merchant amount and quality in the short term.


Since the 2015 launch 6 months ago in addition to Paytrek has acquired a further 10 new customers; 7 from abroad, 3 within Turkey and total turnover has increased from 800 million TRY to 950 million in 6 months.

“The value of BrandSeers was indisputable for us as we were starting our journey in creating a global brand: They helped us create Paytrek from the ground up, and even though we are still in our first year of operation, we have started to gain recognition on an international scale. The work BrandSeers did, from creating and developing Paytrek’s visual identity, its tagline and related applications, to the end-to-end development of its website, gave us the profile we needed to make a name for ourselves: young, dynamic, yet experienced and trustworthy!”

Cemal Hamitoğullari
Managing Director, Paytrek