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The Issue

Pınar was keen to better leverage its brand value and manufacturing capabilities by identifying investment opportunities in the drinks market.

Pınar held brand value within the drinks category but lacked relevance and  emotional bond with consumers within individual drink segments -e.g. Juice, Nektar, Still Drinks.

The broad pinar drinks portfolio needed to be completely re-evaluated in order strengthen Pınar’s portfolio as a leading FMCG brand, in what was becoming a fiercely competitive market.

Our Task

To identify and interpret the correct growth opportunities in the drinks market then establish a new brand portfolio that could help them achieve them.

Data analytics for each category and customer segment was conducted on the Turkish market.

Specifc new product ideas analyzed and evaluated were:

• Milk + juice

• Energy concept drinks (vitamins + minerals)

• Next generation

• Sports milk

• Satiety milk

• New flavored milk (coffee, chocolate, gurme etc.)

• Baby products

This was followed by a deep analysis of European market dynamics and consumer trends (I.e. Behaviours, attitudes, product and pack design innovations, communications).  It was clear that there was an opportunity to use drinks market in order to shake off a stagnant image and enter a new consideration set.

The current portfolio of brands were then evaluated against these findings and  a new portfolio strategy that provided clear innovation strategy and brand consolidation was crafted and tested in an internal workshop.

Our final brand architecture /portfolio strategy effectively provided clear direction to all existing and new drinks brands in the portfolio, forming the foundation to innovation and brand investments.


• Grow the drinks brand portfolio in order to steal share from the growing ‘on the go’ drinks market.

• To leverage the health & convenience trends and growth in ‘ready to drink’ (on the go) coffee, tea, sports drinks, energy drinks categories.

• To use NPD to reach new audiences that Pınar is currently unable to reach.

• To offer new packaging alternatives that will make Pınar products more relevant to today’s audience.

Pinar Protein the first of our product recommendations launched in 2017.

A dairy based on the go protein drink that aims to secure Pınar’s poll position in dairy market with a strong core milk range. Pınar Protein heros taste & quality for the time poor, health conscious and indulgence seeking urban lifestyle. Consumer take up and feedback is extremely positive…watch the space for more results!

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