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Establishing new habits with a ‘Healthy Snacking’ brand portfolio

Pınar, Turkey’s leading FMCG brand operating in the dairy, meat, and fruit juice markets, came to us with the ambition to identify a market opportunity in the fast-growing ‘out-of-home snacking’ category and develop a brand platform of cross-category products to serve its needs.

Our role was to develop the new brand portfolio strategy, leveraging Pınar’s capabilities across cheese, yogurt, milk-based deserts and drinks to create a mass appeal ‘on the go’, healthy dairy snack portfolio of brands.

Specifically, we were responsible for developing the product portfolio strategy, naming hierarchy, pack design strategy that would allow Pınar to provide a healthy alternative to the out-of-home snacking market through their existing manufacturing capabilities.

The first brand to be developed in the healthy-snacking product portfolio was Pınar GO. A fuel provider, Pınar GO understands the demands of a busy, active lifestyle.

The first product under this brand is an affordable cheese protein snack aimed at the convenience-seeking, health-conscious young millennial consumer.


‘Go’ single packs were very recently launched across supermarkets across Turkey.

It’s early days to report on sales performance. We will have more to report back on later in the year.