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Launch Strategy And Creative Communications Idea Development
2016- 2017


Pioneering the Future of the Bio Based Economy

As one of the largest polyurethane systems house in Turkey, Tükek Holding owned Poliser was struggling to compete with a rush of new competitors entering the market.

We conducted interviews and workshops to understand what employees and executives were struggling with and what they envisioned for the revitalized brand and company.

Over all the Poliser team wanted to increase their brand equity, solve confusion regarding their brand name, remove Poliser from the ongoing price war and engage on a higher level with their customers.

A brand with purpose- improving people’s lives

As BrandSeers we helped create a brand purpose that could unify the whole Poliser team, inspire their dialogue with their customers and map out a strategic growth direction for the company. Inspired from the multitude of unknown and unrecognized benefits polyurethane adds to our every day lives, the brand idea became “dedication to improving people’s lives”. We positioned Poliser as a human centric chemistry company that believes that innovation and progress is not just about the latest technology, but about really understanding and putting people at the epicentre of your business.

Waves of impact

Thus the culmination of Poliser’s efforts result in huge waves of impact, not just for businesses but society as a whole. This became the spring-board for our design idea. The hexagon, the building block of the most efficient structures in nature, is amplified and multiplied like the ripple effect a drop of water creates on a pond. Our visual language is positive and friendly, amplifying bright and bold colours, simple and pleasing graphic elements, an approachable font and a sincere tone of voice. Our symbol is the combination of a hexagon and a stylistic “P” to represent Poliser and polyurethane. We use a bright green to emphasize that we put sustainability in the heart of our vision for a better and improved world. Dark blue is the representation of our unwavering commitment to all our business partners and stakeholders.


In launching the brand, per our research, the most important communications tool was a leave behind after B2B meetings with prospective clients. Thus we focused our efforts in telling the story of the reinvigorated Poliser brand and the positive impact of polyurethane in our lives. In addition to a brochure we developed business cards, website design, event stand design and promotional gift ideas, a brand guideline and a unique brand launch strategy and creative communications idea to bring the brand to life.