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Introducing Kazahstan’s First Private Members Club

Situated in the largest city in Kazakhstan, Almaty, Seven Private Members club is located at the most exclusive address; the Ritz-Carlton, Almaty Hotel.

Seven came to us not just with a market opportunity of being the first private members club in Almaty but also with a visionary idea of becoming a space where people can broaden horizons and expand knowledge. Seven not only set out to be one of a kind but to disrupt the hospitality sector by changing the notion of what a private members club means in today’s world.

Whilst Seven was to be the first ever private members club in Almaty, it was going to enter a market of high wealth and a discerned understanding of luxury and exclusivity. To understand the audience, we carried out research amongst high-net worth individuals, including exclusive in-depth interviews with some of the most prominent figures in Almaty. This provided us with a deep understanding of the traditional as well as the contemporary culture and what Seven could become.

Our insights went on to build a future-forward experiential brand, informing the brand positioning, the values and personality, the naming concept and to create a set of ‘seven service virtues’ that would underpin brand delivery and manage the standards of exclusivity. Our seven service principles were developed in order to establish a service quality that supersedes the 7 star service of the Ritz Carlton. The brand story and proposition were developed through a true understanding of the local and cultural environment the brand would thrive in.

The design idea ‘Igniting Connections’ paved the way for the design system and ultimately the creation of unique brand assets such as the distinct brand colour, wax seal and certain printing techniques. The intricate aspects of the brand have been written up and designed into a comprehensive set of brand guidelines in order to allow the brand to stay true to itself in implementation across all brand experience touch-points.


The Club opened simultaneously with the opening of the Ritz Carlton on the 1st of November in 2013. Interest in exclusive membership to date has been overwhelmingly positive. The membership quota was reached within the first 2 months of opening and the desired profile of members was achieved.

“BrandSeers delivered bold, strategic rigour throughout all phases of the project. They continually provided us with high quality, innovative suggestions that were at the cutting-edge of our market”

Matthew Bond
Founder, Seven – Ritz Carlton Private Members Club Almaty