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Future-proofing a business for a high-risk market

UB Holding is a family-owned group of companies, which over the years has enjoyed considerable success in becoming one of the most prominent trade and production groups in Iraq. However, they were facing volatile times in Iraq and needed to diversify investments into other markets.

Our brief was to rebrand the corporate brand in order to give the brand narrative and its visual expression a more international appeal whilst staying authentic and relevant to its national heritage.

Our brand architecture/portfolio strategy work identifies  how the hierarchy of the sub-brands could tell a clearer, more concise story about the holding.

The international benchmark and competition analysis we conducted provided us with the insights we needed to identify the global market opportunity.

Taking a deep dive into the strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats facing the business in a highly volatile and high-risk market such as Iraq, we understood that the brand needed to work hard to future proof the business against a number of potential local risks. In-depth interviews with board members helped unlock understanding into the current state of the local market and the future commercial ambitions that the rebrand needed to help serve.

UB Holding is built around a distinct culture of never backing down in the face of adversity and an ability to respond fluidly to the changeable dynamics that an emerging market demands. The brand was thus built around the company’s ability to exercise vision when conquering new territories.

The brand value proposition ‘building tomorrow’ was easily owned and adopted by all internal staff. This was an important role for the brand as employees were increasingly disillusioned and demotivated by the growing tough political and economic conditions in the local market.

We brought the approved brand to life across corporate identity and a new website for the corporate brand. Additionally, we developed a corporate film and brochure for the UB Holding Foundation – the non-profit part of the business focused on building schools in Iraq.


The new brand launched in April 2016 and thus it is early days to report on impact.

“Trust is a rare attribute you can associate with an agency or consultancy. However BrandSeers is a team you can trust to get the job done to a highest quality, on time and  cost efficiently.  Their sense of collaboration goes beyond being a ‘service’ provider to acting more as the extension to the internal team. They truly supported us in our courageous ambitions. Their ability to understand cultural dynamics and challenges – whilst steering you to realise a global vision for your brand is truly impressive.”

Bettina Oltmanns
PA to the Chairman, UB Holding