Insight Generation

We analyse current and anticipate future consumer behaviours, attitudes and purchase behaviours in order to minimize risk and maximise opportunity for businesses.

  • Competitive Analysis and Mapping
  • Ethnographic Research (consumer and employee)
  • Qualitative Research (in-depths interviews & focus groups)
  • Expert Opinion & Leader Interviews
  • Semiotics Analysis

We are the authors of Our Little Book of Inspirations. Now in it’s 4th edition, our book portrays our philosophy.

Ideas are born from inspiration and inspirations can come from anywhere. As brand creators and builders we practice close observation on the world we live in and make connections other don’t. We are seers.

Trend Futures Analysis 

An obstacle for many businesses today is how to build teams that are armed with fast-changing consumer information, and are capable of applying it strategically.

Whether you are a local brand trying to understand the relevance, application of international trends into the Turkish market or a local brand developing an international expansion strategy, as local partners of one of the world’s most renowned futures consultancies;The Future Laboratory, we provide you with the answers you need.

Founded in 2001, The Future Laboratory have helped to shape the future of over 1,000 brands in 37 countries. With a unique blend of trend forecasting, consumer insight, brand strategy and innovation, they inspire and future-proof organisations.

Our collaboration with The Future Laboratory allows you to specifically:

  • Anticipate new future market trends
  • Understand key future consumer attitudes and behaviours
  • Establish future competitors and needs
  • Map new and emerging consumer behaviours and envisage where brands fit within a futures context
  • Deliver brand re-alignments, strategies and innovations that help brands move forward with confidence

We hold live Trend Briefing and Sector Forums Events in Istanbul:
Our Trend Briefings and Sector Forums are immersive, entertaining and inspirational showcases of the key trends affecting the Global and Turkish future consumer over the next 5 years that are set to have an impact on your business. We then provide practical toolkits to help you manage risk and focus on the initiatives that will lead to business growth.

The latest event we held was the Food and Drink Forum, October 2015 – click here for more.

Tailored workshops and webinars:
Clients can request tailored content, delivered in various formats and depths depending on their individual needs.

Global & Turkey Focus Food & Drink Futures Report 2015

Strategic Consultancy and Design Activation

We work hand-in-hand with clients to strengthen their business growth, lower risk for their business and keep them ahead of competition through delivering strategic consultancy and design implementation. We are as visionary as we are executional;

Consultancy: Creative Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Value Proposition
  • Naming
  • Employee Engagement
  • Change Management

Activation: Impactful Brand Experience Design

  • Corporate Identity Systems and Parameters
  • Product and Service Design
  • Experience Design
  • Communications Design – Digital, Print, Film
  • Packaging Design
  • Innovative Internal Engagement Roadmaps and Communications

BrandSeers Ventures

As BrandSeers we are asked to be more involved than in a consultancy role. In such we become an integral part of the business and it’s sustainability.

Other times we see great areas of opportunities for product innovations and choose to become the creator and developer of products, projects and services.

Recently we identified an opportunity for Haremlique’s brand story to be better told through the power of the olfactory sense. The intention was to create a collection of scents that expressed the strong brand essence of Haremlique.

We collaborated with the UK’s renowned perfumer, Azzi Glasser to design and produce a new home candle collection, which is now available in stores across Istanbul.

BrandSeers ventures is currently partnering on an Omni-channel fashion retail platform.

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