The Rewarding Feeling of Completion

By 3rd October 2012 May 16th, 2016 News

Since our leap day launch, when we took our own personal leap of faith to get BrandSeers off the ground, it has been a highly rewarding seven months, filled with passion, positivity and hard work all very clearly essential elements needed in order to make a difference, not only to our clients’ businesses, but also to how brand design is delivered in Turkey.

Last week was a special week for us at BrandSeers. Our insatiable curiosity and determination to keep an open mind, has served us well to successfully complete, in what was a short time, three major projects; the first accounts we won straight after our official leap day launch.

Winning these accounts were some of the key highlights since we began.

Not only because we were approached without being asked to pitch, but mainly because we were thrilled at the opportunity to create brands for products in such interesting industries; water, social media and gifting. What they all had in common was that they were either needing rebranding or creating brands from scratch.

What was however most special about the tasks were that we had the opportunity to influence the products significantly (their features, capabilities, identity and benefits) and the strategy at the core of their business; by helping them as brands not just to say the right things, but to do the right things.

To be in a position to influence business models, investment decisions at the heart of the business was a rewarding experience but what was most exciting was the opportunity to work very collaboratively with some of the finest local and international Turkish professionals. The sense of reward and results gleaned of ‘making it together’ is so much greater than approaching projects in isolation as consultants. The collaborative process fosters skill development and knowledge sharing that benefits both parties and most importantly the final work, which by the way ends up selling itself.

We do not know exactly what the future has in store for these brands but they have the opportunity to make waves both locally and internationally. Our only hope is that we will be there, to see it, getting wet in the process.


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