The Rigour of Branding – from an intern’s point of view

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 After departing from the Netherlands and arriving at BrandSeers, a quick round of getting to know the team and the office, I joined in with the three ongoing client projects as well as several internal projects. Having lived in Istanbul, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands and studied at international schools, I am being made to feel at home through the work we do for international and local clients, and the close collaborations with global agency partners.

What has been most interesting and at the same time challenging for me to experience is discovering the broad sphere of brand work that BrandSeers undertakes. As someone who has sat on the outside of the brand design world up until now, what has been most illuminating is discovering just how much rigour and creative challenge is involved. The process undertaken is far more systematic than I ever anticipated. From the analytics, trend research to internal creative brainstorms, collaborative discussions with local and international partners to the careful need to listen and understand client needs, what I realized is that it takes a lot analytics and conceptual thinking to take a client’s wish and transform that into a brand that can connect with it’s diverse audiences and has the ability to be applied consistently across the full spectrum of a client’s business.

I am also seeing a proof of how there is a growing interest of investors in the Turkish market. As a Turk living in the Netherlands I frequently read and heard about this investor appetite for Turkey but actually working across a number of new investor projects and seeing how new ideas are flourishing every day has been simply incredible to be a part of. It has been extremely insightful to observe how the Turkish start-ups, or the international companies entering into Turkey, are busy working behind the scenes to create new brands, or to re-brand existing one. What is most admirable, and inspiring is the passion, dedication and structure with which our clients pursue their work, chipping away with patience and determination at some great market opportunities.

The best perk of the job: the office. Located one street above the Noble Prize winner author Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence, in the Çukurcuma neighborhood, which boasts a strong artistic vibe that inspires you everytime you step out. A look in on the galleries and boutique studios is the perfect walk home after a busy days work.

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